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[Meetup] Washington DC, September 2019

Hey guys!!! I think it's time I start actually for real planning this!
The dates will be Sept. 20-22. But if you want to hang out longer, I'm always down to do stuff! And you can join us for any or all of the weekend.
I live in the Northern Virginia suburbs, about 20 minutes outside the city. There are a good amount of hotels near me as well as AirBnB options. If you want to stay downtown, I can help plan that, too!
Things to do around here include: the Smithsonian museums (free!), a ton of other museums, Mount Vernon, Kings Dominion or Six Flags, the zoo, wineries, hiking/kayaking/outdoorsy stuff, Civil War sites, endless history stuff, MGM casino, National Harbor, apple picking... And hanging out with ME!! 😂
We usually try to do at least a couple group meals, and then people can break off to do what interests them. I'm planning on making a big family meal at least one night.
To further guilt entice you into coming, that Saturday is my birthday, and I want to hang out with you guys!!!!
So yeah. Tag people you want to come hang out with at my house.
And let me know if you need travel planning help, I know the area and the travel options very well!
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Ready for Live 2/5 or 5/5

I made a post about Bankroll Management several years ago and it's something I've stuck to myself ever since I started playing cash games online at 1 cent 2 cents on PokerStars over 10 years ago.
This can be a contentious issue with many players because many prefer just to play whatever they want or don't think it's necessary. To each his or her own, but I think the main benefit of bankroll management is that it (1) helps prevent you from going busto and (2) it helps you statistically realize whether or not you are a winner at the stakes you play.
So, in a nutshell, it has taken a while to win the buyins @ $1/$3 and lower stakes to be fully "rolled" for a $500 buyin, which is $15,000 (30 buyins times $500), mostly because the closest casino to where I live is almost 2 hours away one way so I don't get to play nearly as often as I would like. It's also a rock garden and making money isn't always as easy as it would be other places. I host a home game (no rake), but it is usually for just fifty cents and a dollar blinds. I also go through phases where I can't host it for various reasons. But after recently finishing the most successful poker trip I've been on to MGM National Harbor I've finally won the necessary requisite of buyins to justify moving up to $2/$5 or $5/$5 which would be a $500 100bb buyin.
Here's a graph of my live winnings to date which includes cash games of both the casino and home games:
Here's a graph of JUST my live home game winnings to date:
Here's a graph of JUST my live casino game winnings to date:
Here's a breakdown of my winnings by each casino:
Here's a breakdown of my winnings by each home game:
I've done a lot of casual research over the years and I believe that LA has the best $5/$5 games so I am hoping to plan a mini-trip out there sometime in the next 6 months hopefully. Plus my wife has connections out that way, so I can probably get a free place to sleep.
If you have never played in a casino before and want to stick to bankroll management, I suggest going the home game route for smaller stakes first and try to win at least a few grand if you can. If you play $1/$2 or $1/$3 like many of us and you're also wanting to play higher stakes, I highly recommend tracking your results and trying to win $15k.
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Need help on choosing a Casino

I’m coming in from another state next month for my birthday trip and need help deciding which casino to choose. The options are MGM National Harbor and Live! Any help is appreciated, but I have some specific questions:
  1. What is the general age range or demographics or whatever at both? For some reason I get the feeling MGM has a younger crowd. May be because I know exactly one person who has been there and he was 30. Someone else told me Live! is all old people. I’m turning 31.
  2. Is there any difference between tables/slots?
  3. Area of town? Is either one “safer” than the other? I’m a pretty small woman so that’s a concern for me.
  4. Cheaper hotels? I’ll need to stay for 2 nights and prefer to stay as close as possible to the casino for hopefully like $120 a night. AirBnB is an option of course. Also plan on ubering So distance is a factor in price.
Thanks in advance for the help!
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Pros at MGM?

Any pros at the MGM national harbor? What luck do you have getting 5/10 and 10/25 together if your roll allows it. If your a 2/5 grinder do you notice a huge difference in skill level at your table when no 5/10 is running? Plan on making this my casino when I get the opportunity to move close. Just wanted to know your thoughts.
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First Slot Machine Hand Pay of 2021 At MGM National Harbor ... Video: MGM National Harbor casino opens in style - YouTube Tour of the MGM National Harbor Resort and Casino - YouTube New Slot Machine - Reel Riches at MGM National Harbor ... I lose it all at MGM National Harbor - YouTube FIGHT AT THE MGM CASINO! Maryland - National Harbor - YouTube MGM National Harbor - My 1st Visit to the East Coast's ... MGM National Harbor Opens - PJ WINS!!! - YouTube

MGM National Harbor. MGM National Harbor is the premiere entertainment destination located on the banks of the Potomac just outside of Washington DC. Featuring a 3,000 seat Theater, 308 luxurious hotel rooms, restaurants from acclaimed chefs and a gaming floor bigger than the White House, MGM National Harbor delivers monumental experiences daily. Alex Alvarado is vice president of operations for MGM National Harbor, where he also oversees slot service, M life desk, technical operations and slot performance for the $1.4 billion property. He recently took some time to answer questions from Casino Journal Contributing Editor Joan Mantini regarding how MGM National Harbor is operating during the COVID-19 pandemic while addressing the ... MGM National Harbor USGBC LEED Building Design and Construction, version 2009 Rating System, LEED Gold Case Study October 2016 1. Title: MGM Resorts International – Casino Resort Project at National Harbor, MD National Avenue, Oxon Hill, MD 20745 2. Project Description MGM National Harbor is a one billion, four hundred million dollar waterfront resort destination. Design collaboration ... LAS VEGAS (FOX5/WGGB/WSHM) -- MGM Resorts International released its casino reopening plans Tuesday, with plans to screen employees and guests, a requirement for all employees to wear masks and ... Welcome to MGM National Harbor. Take a Look. Hotel. Stay in a luxury guest room or suite, with more than 308 that soar up to 21 floors above the Potomac River. Learn more > Entertainment. See live comedy, music and more in an intimate theater that ensures there’s never a bad seat in the house. Restaurants. Dine at one of 14 distinct restaurants that range from favorites like Shake Shack to ... MGM National Harbor is pleased to welcome you back. For venue availability, please click here. Close Banner. Sign In. Email. Password. Forgot Password. Sign In. Welcome, Tier Level {{ tierDetails.displayText }} {{tierDetails.tierPoint number:0}} Tier Credits. Reservations / Itinerary; My Rewards; My Profile; Win/Loss (Tax) Info; Log Out; Get with the program. M life Rewards gets you access to ... Washington, DC Casinos Battle for Market Share, Maryland Live! Plans $200 Million Expansion as MGM National Harbor Prepares to Open. Posted on: June 29, 2016, 06:38h. MGM National Harbor also maintains a 700,000-gallon rainwater recovery system for irrigation and flushing, as well as a host of native plants between the resort and the Potomac River to reduce runoff. Attendees toured an unoccupied guest room and experienced some of the built-in efficiency features, such as the InnComm thermostat that regulates temperature set-points based on occupancy and ... MGM National Harbor is a luxury resort, retail, dining, entertainment and casino just minutes from Washington D.C on the banks of the Potomac River. The MGM Resort at National Harbor is a key entertainment venue of the Oxen Hill Maryland area. The focus of the $1.4 billion structure is the 125,000 square-foot casino floor. Other amenities include a 6-story parking garage, a 3,000 seat multi-use theater, a 24-story hotel with 308 guest rooms, a conference center, retail space and several restaurants.DGS Construction, LLC was awarded the ...

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First Slot Machine Hand Pay of 2021 At MGM National Harbor ...

Just another day in PG County. Pulled up to see some coins, but seen a fight instead. 🤷🏽‍♂️📹 Hi Everyone! A few months back, my husband and I went to MGM Grand National Harbor in Washington DC for the weekend to take in the city! It was a cool experi... The D.C. area finally has a high-end, Vegas-style casino and I'm checking it out in the first few days of its grand opening. I show you not only the poker ro... James and I stopped by the new MGM casino at the National Harbor and let's just say it was not my lucky day Like and subscribe! Other ways to connect with us... There is now a new place for roulette, blackjack, slots and other gambling options in Maryland as the state’s newest casino opened Thursday night in Prince G... The day started a little bit after 9 in the morning and finished around 5 in the evening, and when it was all said and done, the first hand pay at MGM Nation... Hello Everyone, just a longtime since I posted a slot video. A great first day back to the casinos. Enjoy!!. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! It's free, and makes sure you never miss any of our great travel videos. Thanks, your support means the world to us! A tour of the...