PC not powering on and I have no idea where the power button is!

At the recommendation of a couple of users ( u/vendennar and CMDR-Hooker) who read my replies on another story on this subreddit, they wanted to know how I drove about 5 hours just to press a button. Bear in mind this story does take place about a decade ago and some details may have been a bit fuzzy due to drinking a bit too much at some points during those years. Also it is extremely long and I don't think I am a good writer.

I used to work for a medium to large IT outsourcing company in South Africa where we served clients ranging in size from 2 person operations up to country wide with 1000's of staff. One of the clients that we had was a large security company that outsourced security guards and 'high value courier services' for banks, casino's and other clients.
Although our office, and the security companies head office, was based in Johannesburg, they had a branch we also had to serve that was just outside of Pietermaritzburg (4 to 5 hours drive depending on traffic and if you don't want to receive fines) where the security company would pay for us either to drive or fly down to that depot and spend a couple of hours there, a night in a guest house and return.

It was a Thursday before a long weekend which I was planning to drive to Durban and I had literally nothing on my schedule on that day so I decided to work one of the phones when I see that depot and company name appear on the display and the ringing phone so I answer.

Me - Good day thank you for calling [Insert Company Name] my name is willbeonekenobi, how can I assist you?

Security guard - Hi there, when can you send someone out to have a look at my computer it wont turn on after a power failure.

Me - Okay first things first. Can you verify that all the power cables are plugged in correctly and if there is power going to your office.

Security Guard - There is power, but only only thing showing is a message saying 'No signal Detected'.

Me - When you checked the cables, did you see if the cables were going into a metal box with some other cables going out to that monitor?

Security Guard - The cables were being plugged into the desk, the desk I am using used to belong to {Old nearly blind manager of depot} that I had been given to use.

I knew this {Old nearly blind manager of depot} quiet well and I asked my brother (a carpenter) that I can integrate a pc for him to cope with his near blindness (which was caused by one of those cheaply made and dangerous laser pointers). He could still see bright stuff but not much else. I had a very big that had not only a glowing LED underneath it but it also had the, what I think is, globally recognised power symbol. He was still sharp as a tack and still very much capable of doing his job but I think he was forced into early retirement (he was about 60 years old I think) and I personally had not been at that site for months.

Me - Okay, if I remember correctly, you should see a large round button on the front of the desk. It has the globally recognised power symbol on it. You will need to press that button.

Security Guard - I did but only the fan comes on.

I was thinking, why would the fans be running and not the whole pc which could be a sign that there was a issue with the pc. I then ask the security guard to hold on while I talk to my MD about me driving down there and then afterwards go on my weekend break (we were planning to close the offices at 2pm and this was just before 9AM, and I was already packed and was planning to drive to Durban, which Pietermaritzburg is on the way, immediately after work. He says it's fine just save receipts for the claims. I tell the guard that I am on the way but will be there at about 1pm. I then get into my car and take a nice long drive and arrive at the site just after 1PM. I then see that guard was pressing a button to power on a Desk fan (which is separate from the desk) and NOT THE BUTTON THAT I DESCRIBED TO HIM THAT WAS INTEGRATED INTO THE DESK! Plus the button he was pressing clearly did not have the power symbol on it, but had a lightning bolt on it. I then power it on and show him which button he was supposed to press (this button was much bigger than the one for the desk fan). The pc powers on fine, I send a email to my boss (as we had received an instruction from the client head office that all calls no matter the issue must be dealt with immediately) saying what the issue was (guard not being able to determine what a power button is when they should know it). I then get the guard to sign the call off and I just sit around the depot with a cup of coffee for the rest of the hour (as we had to spend a minimum of 1 hour on the site (our company policy), then go on to Durban for the weekend for a wedding.

The next week I was roped into a conference call between my MD and the security company about this call along with that guard. The guard claimed that he had basic IT knowledge (just powering on pc, typing on keyboard, moving and clicking on mouse, etc) on his CV but when he was questioned about it by his manager's manager (that was also on the call but didn't hire him as he was recruited through a 3rd party) he said he didn't know anything. We then suggested that I teach him a basic skill course (1 day thing and would get a certificate) to which the company said no problem this will take place in two weeks time and he is on probation.

Turns out I didn't get to teach this guard at all as 3 days later he was arrested by police after a 'Cash in transit' heist that targeted one of his companies vehicles and the drivers in the undercover vehicle recognised him immediately and had been apprehended when he got home WITH ALL THE MONEY!
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